A Book For Those Who Suffer

I wrote this book in the throes of a vicious disease that almost took my life in 2000. Since then it’s comforted thousands who are struggling to trust God during the most difficult times of life.

Here’s what Bruce Wilkinson, who encouraged me to write the book said about When God Breaks Your Heart:

“Every sufferer looks longingly to Christ and secretly asks, How could you let this happen? My friend Ed Underwood asked that question openly from his deathbed. We all knew that Ed s only hope was Christ’s answer to our plea. Jesus answered, and Ed lives and serves. This is his story a story I highly recommend, a story that will show you how to take Christ’s hand through your darkest days.”

Out of Print?

Just last June while speaking at a church in Phoenix I sold the very last new copy of When God Breaks Your Heart. With every request for this book that has helped so many the urge to self-publish grew in my heart.

So, after a long, long, long process (Who knew it would take so long?), it’s here and up on Amazon.

This means that I have good news. If you’ve been trying to find hard copies of When God Breaks Your Heart, we’ve printed a new edition.

No, But Be Sure You Order This One

Amazon is amazing, and trying to figure out how it all works can be “a maze.” There are a lot of used copies of the book floating around, so if you’re wanting the new one that Judy and I self-published you must either order it on Amazon at this link: When God Breaks Your Heart.

I know I’m partial, but I believe that if you or someone you love is suffering, this is the book they need.