What If? Radical Thoughts About Jesus!

This is from my new book, Reborn to Be Wild: Reviving Our Radical Pursuit of Jesus. If you’re wondering if Jesus may want to do something radical with your sold out life, this is my answer: YES!

What If?

If you sense God leading you to make the radical changes that will keep your revival heart on track, I urge you to think in terms of what you must do rather than what others should do. The question here is not, “What if the church embraced these seven simple revival truths?” but “What if I let them guide me toward revival?”

  • What if you dedicated one hour of your life to preparing your story of what faith in Jesus means to you?
  • What if you practiced that three-part story: my life before Jesus, when I believed in Jesus, and my life after Jesus—so that you could share it in about five minutes?
  • What if you asked God to let you tell this story to just one person this week? And then another, and another, and another.
  • What if, after a few months of this, you noticed that there were three or four people in your life that had just met Jesus, and they began asking you to tell them more about Him?

You make disciplesthe church must take responsibility for its role in revival to make disciples of all nations.

  • What if you told these people you would love to meet with them for breakfast once a week, or they came over for dinner, or two or three of them agreed to come over to your house or meet in a conference or break room at work or school weekly?
  • What if you asked them to tell their own story about Jesus so that they could get to know one another better?
  • What if you asked them how you could pray for them, and if they knew anyone who needed Jesus?
  • What if they said “yes”, and you showed them how to tell their friends about Jesus?
  • What if their friends believed in Jesus and suddenly you were hosting a “mini-church” in your home or at your workplace or school?

I will buildthe church must trust Him to do His part, build the church, as we do our part and make disciples.

  • What if you opened the book of Ephesians or the Gospel of John and read a chapter a week?
  • What if the brokenness in their lives pulled your heart to devote your life to them because you loved them?
  • What if they became some of your closest friends because you opened your life up to them and talked about the difference Jesus made in both of you?
  • What if the changes in their lives cause their husbands and wives, children and parents, coworkers and friends to ask what happened?
  • What if you began to sense it was time for them to start their own groups but you didn’t know how to do that?
  • What if they started asking you questions about the Bible and Jesus that you couldn’t answer?

Equip the saintsthe leaders of the church must follow their job description to equip the saints to make disciples of all nations.

  • What if you went to your church or found a church, and asked the leaders if they could help you with this, and they said they were too busy, so you just left that church and asked God to show you one where the shepherds knew their job description?
  • What if you found a church that said they would equip you, but when your friends showed up they shamed you so much that you decided to keep looking for a church that God would use to release your spiritual gifts into the lives of these people?
  • What if you finally found a church where the pastors and leaders were more about you and what you were doing for Christ than they were about themselves and what they were doing for Christ? What if these same shepherds cared more for the people you brought with you than they did about their religious reputation?
  • What if this community of faith was such a safe place that the friends you introduced to Jesus grew to the point that they didn’t need you anymore and walked with Christ toward their own destiny in Him?

Preach the Wordthe church must keep teaching the content of the Word of God in the context of redemptive relationships.

  • What if the leaders of this church taught you the Scriptures in such a way that you and your friends began to get to know Christ as a good friend?
  • What if, as you grew in your interaction with God’s Word, you opened up your life to Christ in ways that released His power in wondrous and marvelous ways?
  • What if your understanding of the Bible gave you a confidence in life you never imagined was possible?
  • What if God’s Spirit used Christ’s word to transform your friendships, your marriage, and your family?
  • What if you began to believe that what you read about the early church could actually happen again … to you?
  • What if this belief became a passion for revival that made you know that you would never be satisfied with anything less?

You shall receive powerthe church must live expectantly, trusting God’s Spirit to empower leaders and saints to make disciples of all nations.

  • What if the demands of pouring your life into others for Christ moved you to beg for the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit?
  • What if the heartbreaks and disappointments of making disciples moved you to beg the Comforter to strengthen and encourage you?
  • What if your growing awareness of God’s willingness to give you power from above caused you to live on the reckless edge of radical trust?
  • What if the power of God in your life as you walked that reckless edge caused your friends and family to worry and talk about you as you dedicated more and more of your time, money, energy, and talent to the cause of Christ?
  • What if what God did through your life was so satisfying, you didn’t care what they thought?

Ask in My namethe church must beg God for the greater works of the church age—making disciples of all nations—asking in faith as she claims Jesus’ promise to do it.

  • What if the joy of being used by the Lord Jesus to change lives so captured your heart that it began to eclipse all former dreams and purposes for living?
  • What if the anticipation of hearing the Lord Jesus’ “well done” when you stand before Him began to overwhelm all former incentives and desires?
  • What if the Lord’s promise to underwrite any petition to His Father to do greater works in His name began to replace your former prayers for personal happiness and fulfillment?
  • What if the possibility that if you begged the Lord Jesus to let you see revival He might just grant it became the preoccupying obsession of your life?

What if you noticed other believers living with the same passion for revival, and when you gathered together in Jesus’ name you discovered the most stimulating and rewarding friendships of your life?

What if you found out that what God did in your group He had also done for others, and these groups began to cluster in churches and communities where the revival fires burned?

What if you suddenly look up and realize that what you are seeing the Lord do around you hadn’t happened in America for forty years … not since the Jesus Movement.

What if at that moment in your life, you smile and think to yourself, “This is what Ed wrote about in his book. This is it. This is revival!”