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Embracing the Law as a Christian isn’t an upgrade but the ultimate downgrade!⇦Tweet that!

Is the Law An Upgrade to Grace?

The perpetrators of legalism, the false teachers and shepherds who enslave Christians to the tyranny of works-righteousness, present the Law, or their version of it as a spiritual upgrade to grace.

“This is for those Christians who are really serious about their relationship with God. If you love Jesus, this is how you show him. The only reason these grace people are against us is because they don’t want to pay the price of being a good Christian.”

The underlying idea is, “Grace is a great beginning. But once you’re saved by grace, you need to get to work for God. And we’re here to tell you the works He wants you to get to work on!”

NO, It’s the Ultimate Downgrade

The Apostle Paul would vehemently disagree. The paragraph we’re studying today from the Book of Galatians, 5:1-6, says, “No Way!” It tells us why moving from grace to works isn’t an upgrade at all, but the ultimate downgrade. It’s like moving from the most exclusive, privileged, powerful, and desirable spiritual neighborhood in history—the neighborhood where new creations in Christ have been liberated to experience the power of the Holy Spirit and express their relationship with God in ways that transcend any enslaving set of rules or moral codes—moving from that neighborhood to the spiritual ghetto where they live on the streets as spiritually homeless victims of the slum lords of pseudo-Christianity—the legalists.

The Choice Is Yours

Stand in the freedom of grace or wallow in the slavery of works.⇦Tweet that!

You, not the legalist, decide to submit to their religious nonsense. And when you do, you sever yourself from the real-time benefits of the grace that is yours in Christ Jesus.

More is at stake than you ever imagined. Literally your sanctification and your impact for the Lord Jesus depend on your decision to either rely on your works or to rely on the Spirit, trusting who you are in Christ.

The Spirit is compelling you to use your liberty in ways that your faith causes you to become impatient for experiences of true righteousness in this world and the world to come. Would you say that your heart is listening to the Spirit and wanting this righteousness more and more?

The Spirit is compelling you to use your liberty in ways that your faith is expressed through love. Would those closest to you—your family, friends, coworkers and neighbors—say that this is what most impresses them about the way you use your freedom in Christ?

I hope you’ll listen to my teaching on the podcast and refer to the free online commentary of Galatians. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the page for my detailed notes on Galatians 5:1-6.

Moving from grace to law isn’t a spiritual upgrade, it’s the ultimate downgrade—it’s moving back to the spiritual ghetto of works to do the bidding of the slum lords—the legalists.

Question: Are you tired of living in the ghetto of shame and guilt? How can I help you upgrade to the freedom of the original gospel of grace?