unhappy_baby430x240Spirit-Induced Misery

My understanding of the ministry of the Holy Spirit in my life is that when I sin, He makes me miserable.

Not because God’s ticked off at me, but because He’s grieved.

Why is He grieved? Because God’s love always wants what is best for me. And sin never leads to anything good.

So it’s a gift of grace, this misery. It’s God’s tender mercies wooing me back into His love. All  I need to do is get honest with Him, and rely on His power to move toward what He knows is good for me.

But it’s still misery.

I can only think of one way to make the misery worse…

…To try to take care of your sin by yourself.

There’s no more miserable creature on earth than a Christian with a secret life, who’s trying to fix himself or herself without God and apart from other Christians.

You may think your hidden life is a secret, but God knows all about it.

Want to escape the misery?

Get honest with God and a few trusted Christian friends. If you take that step of trusting obedience, His love will flood out your lonely misery and you will know the joy of intimate friendship with Him and His redeemed community.

We cannot escape the misery of sin by trying to manage it; our only escape is trusting God and others.⇦Tweet that!

What do you think about what you just read? Try meditating on Galatians 2:20. Let me know if that makes sense.