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Many of you have been listening this past year to my podcast series on the Book of Galatians, “Grace in Your Face.” A pattern has emerged in the conversations this radical series had launched. Many of our readers struggle with the radical grace of God in the original gospel. As we “talk” online, I realize that many of you are so busy trying to be better for God that it’s ruined your view of the gospel.⇦Tweet that!

How Can I Help You Best?

After dozens of years of failed attempts to explain this to someone deeply wounded by performance Christianity, moralism, and works righteousness, I’ve realized that this needs to be more of a journey than an aha-moment.

Here are some resources from our website to help you:

A Four-Part Series on Grace and Good Works 

A Five-Part Series on the Gospel

Here’s another website that will help you, from our friends at TruefaceTwo Roads

I’ve said this so many times, but I hope you’ll trust me that I mean it: “I’m not trying to twist your arm toward grace; Jesus is inviting you with open arms into the grace way of life.”

The Fine Line and The Ruined Gospel

There’s a fine line between desiring to be better for Jesus and striving so hard that you leave grace out of the equation. But it’s a line you don’t want to cross. You’ll start believing and living by a ruined gospel.

Trust me.

Trying to be better for God in your own strength will ruin your view of the gospel.⇦Tweet that!

And enslave you to living to measure up rather than releasing you to overflow with the life of Jesus.

Keep the questions coming. If I can help you in any way, I’m in.