The Need

God’s Word transforms our hearts. Clearly the Holy Spirit is involved in the transformation, but He uses biblical truth as the primary transforming agent. Paul characterizes this transformation in Romans 12:2b: “…be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

This is why I’ve always made sure that interaction with the Word of God is part of my journaling routine. D. L. Moody said, “The Bible wasn’t given for our information, but for our transformation.” I agree. Journaling before, during, or after reading the Word of God forces me to interact with the truth and relate to the Author.

The Word of God is the transforming agent the Spirit uses to renew your mind.⇦Tweet that!

The Helps

In answering the question, “How can I help you best?” as you pursue your passion to become a successful journaler, here are five resources that might help you journal in ways that will renew your mind:

1) The Daily Walk Bible

The Daily Walk Bible guides the reader through Scripture, study, and reflection each day, to read through the Bible in a year and help put its power to work in daily life. It includes overviews, charts, daily devotions, and insights to help the reader fully grasp the day’s reading, which makes it unique among both daily reading and devotional Bibles.

I use the Daily Walk Bible every five years as my primary interaction with the Word of God for journaling. Just last year I completed my 6th time through the Bible using the Daily Walk. This is a big commitment–to God through the Word of God in one year. But I feel it’s important to give God a year to use all the words of Scripture to renew my mind.

2) Closer Walk

Closer Walk has been developed to help you attain a closer walk with God. The 365 daily readings will guide you through the entire New Testament in one year.

Each daily reading is designed specifically to draw you into God’s Word and enhance your fellowship with Him. · Each devotion features a quote from an outstanding Christian writer of the past—John Calvin, Dwight L. Moody, Hannah Whitall Smith, Martin Luther, Charles Spurgeon, and many others. · Each daily page contains a personal worship portion to help you focus your prayer and meditation.


My favorite Bible study resource online offers a number of Bible Reading plans you can subscribe to. I love everything about The only drawback to this for me would be that it gets me involved with the distractions of my computer. That tends to pull my attention from journaling. I also like it that uses the NET Bible, maybe the best modern translation of the Word of God today.

4) The Message//REMIXPause

The Message is my favorite paraphrase translation of the Bible because Eugene Peterson consistently exalts the grace of God in his choice of words to capture the meaning of the original sentences.

5) Ed’s Notes

Over the years I’ve written daily devotions for our church family at Church of the Open Door. There are outlines, study notes, and helps for every book of the Bible here. You’re sure welcome to use those resources.

Questions: Do you have any favorites? How do you make sure that the Word of God is part of your journaling discipline?