We just finished the Book of Genesis in our series, bible.cod, “Give us two years and we’ll give you the Bible. Every time I read the first 50 chapters of the Bible, I’m jarred by the stuff God puts up with in the life of the Patriarchs of Israel—Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph

Abraham and Isaac told their wives to lie to kings to save their skin. “Tell him you’re only my sister, and sleep with him if you have to.” Jacob was a trickster and a manipulator from the beginning. Joseph seemed insensitive to the feelings of his brothers, bragging about a dream that proved they would all serve him someday.

So, why didn’t God just go out and start over with a new family? Why did God insist on moving His purposes forward through these losers? And then God’s Spirit reminds me of another loser God’s using in spite of his failures. Me!

When I consider my own life and all the ways I’ve failed Jesus and how undeserving I am, I look again at the Book of Genesis. Paul said that Abraham is the father of our faith, not because of his performance for God but because of the promise God made to Him when he believed (Genesis 15:6; Galatians 3:6).

The entire storyline of Genesis hinges on God’s response to Abraham’s faith. God made a covenant with Abraham based solely upon his faith. God promised to make Abraham a great nation in a special land that would bless the nations of the earth (Genesis 12:1-3; 15).

Jesus made a covenant promise to me personally when I trusted in Him. He said that He would give me eternal life, and nothing would ever change that (John 6:47). In the forty-some years since I believed, my performance has been up and down. But His promise has never wavered.

Question: Have you claimed God’s promise to give all who believe in His Son eternal life, or are you still trying to perform for Him? 

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