Have you ever heard yourself saying something and immediately wondered how you ever said anything so stupid? Worse than that, have you ever said something that exposed something in you that made you sick of what you had become?

This happened to me a few years ago. When I realized what I was actually saying, I felt like I was going to throw up.

I was agreeing with another theologically trained church leader about the excesses and dangers of the emerging church when God’s Spirit broke in with this rebuke, “You sound just like the church leaders who shamed and discouraged you back then!”

Back then, when I was part of an extreme movement of younger Christians.

Back then, when our hearts were full of unusual ideas about Jesus and His church.

Back then, when we were the ones church people were talking about in sentences full of mistrust and shame.

Back then, when a generation bent on rebellion and destruction found peace and a reason for living in the teachings of a Carpenter.

Back then, when we were the revolutionaries God’s Spirit was calling to a radical commitment to Jesus Christ.

Instantly my heart was as disgusted by so much of what we had become as it was pulled by all that we were then.

A question screamed from my soul that has to be answered about us, the Jesus Movement of the 60’s and 70’s.

A question God was asking me to answer, first for me, then for all of us, especially those of us who were there, or wish we were:

“How did spiritual revolutionaries become mere Republicans?”

The answer to that question is what my latest book, Reborn to Be Wild,  and this blog are all about. I want to investigate how the generation that refused to accept the conclusions of the comfortable, institutionalized church has morphed into a hipper and wealthier expression of those who stood against the revival of their youth. Whatever happened to us–the Jesus Movement?

It’s a look back my unique perspective—a Jesus Movement radical who has been teaching the Bible for three decades—to determine what we can learn from this book to get back on track.

But this blog is so much more than my thoughts, it’s a call from my redeemed heart to everyone who, like me, is tired of wasting the potential of our Christian lives and Christ’s glorious church.

If your dissatisfaction with what the church in America has become  as deep as mine, this may be your “Jesus Movement Moment.” Whether you’re part of my radical generation of believers, an emerging church radical, or an everyday Christian whose heart is becoming radicalized, I invite you to think with me:

How do you get a sidetracked revival, a sidetracked church, a sidetracked Christian life back on track?