One of the greatest challenges to my faith was the trauma of the doctor’s report that I had leukemia. Suddenly, Judy and I, our children, and our church faced life-altering choices–difficult choices that nobody wants to make. Shocked, we knew we were moving forward with broken hearts.

Unfortunately, moving forward when God breaks your heart doesn’t have a manual.

We pored over God’s word, read books and blogs on cancer and suffering, sought advice from mature believers, and begged God for guidance–and all these truly helped. But we knew our path moving forward would be exclusively ours.

So I started journaling through these darkest of days. The suffering often took my breath away, and all of us–me, Judy, our family, and our church–were terrified. I had it in my heart not to waste this suffering. Surely there were lessons here to help someone like you embrace the assignment of moving forward when God breaks your heart.⇦Tweet that!

So I wrote my own manual for moving forward when God breaks your heart.

It’s been many years since I wrote my first book, When God Breaks Your Heart. I’m thankful that the truths in this book have helped thousands of sufferers all over the world.

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I pray you’ll consider reading my little book on suffering. You can order it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

You may need a little peak into how When God Breaks Your Heart might help you personally. Here’s the link to one of the best interviews giving me an opportunity to share my broken heart with others: Ed Underwood On Family Life Today With #Dennis Rainey.⇦Tweet that!

When I talk to God about my book on suffering I simply beg Him to connect the comfort and hope I’ve lived with for sixteen years with this dread disease to broken hearts just like you.