Humans Thought of Religion

Non-Christians don’t get the gospel but they intuitively get religion. If you leave human beings to themselves and ask them, “If there’s a God, what do you think He’d demand from people if they wanted to have a relationship with Him?” the answer is always the same, “Be good enough for Him to accept you!”

When I announced that I was going to teach the Book of Galatians at Church of the Open Door, I was amazed at the reaction of some Christians I know.

“You better be careful with Galatians, Ed. You don’t want people to start thinking they’re okay with God just because they’re saved. You don’t want people abusing grace!”

It’s great to know that people care about my sermons, but it’s discouraging that so many Christians mistrust grace and the gospel. Tweet that!

We should accept that this world doesn’t get it that the gospel isn’t about performing for God. But when so many Christians don’t get it, we’re really in trouble.

It amazes me how many performance standards we’re telling Christians to measure up to in order to earn or keep God’s love.

God Thought of the Gospel!

The gospel doesn’t divide humanity into performers and non-performers. The gospel only values one Performance: the work of Christ on the cross. Tweet That!

When people think of God as desiring humans to be good and do better for Him, that’s not the gospel talking, that’s religion talking.

Religionists say, “You better be good for God!”

The gospel says, “Christ made you better for God!”

Religion says, “Get to work you dirt ball and make up for your sins!”

The gospel says, “Jesus did all the work, He paid for your sins!”

Only God would think of offering new life to men and women, boys and girls based solely upon His love for them expressed in the sending of His Son.

But anyone who has read the prophet Isaiah should know that. He told us that God doesn’t think like us (Isaiah 55:8-9).

Question: Why do you think so many Christians get enslaved to works righteousness soon after believing the gospel of Christ?