Brandon Chase is an author and blogger. You can read his cutting edge posts here. His new book, The Path to Freedom, encourages us to pursue the freedom that is ours in Christ Jesus.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that I’m in love with the grace of God. That’s why I love his piece on finding grace that you’re about to read.

Thanks, Brandon.


Have you met Grace?

It goes without saying that life can be very difficult at times. This is certainly true when it is navigated without the anchoring, comforting, Life-giving Presence of Jesus.

We just can’t do this in our own strength.

But, I have also experienced, and seen in the lives of many others, that even with Jesus (that is, those professing a faith in Christ), life can remain disturbingly and chronically… hard.

We are supposed to Free, and living in the Freedom that Christ came to give us. But so often this Freedom seems out of reach. Hard to find. On the occasion it is found, it is seldom remained in. Freedom can be easily fleeting.

You may be, as I’ve been, somewhat overwhelmed with it all. Perhaps it all feels a little bit out of your reach?

I understand. Take a deep breath; I’ve got good news… There’s Grace for that.

The truth is, it is out of your reach. Kind of. You see, Christ is the fullness of Grace. He is Grace personified. If you have Him, you have Him because in the Grace of God, He was given, and you received Him in faith. You could not go get Jesus, Grace, on your own. He’s out of your reach. But you received Him, by Grace, through faith.

God gives Grace, as unmerited favor and mercy – as a free gift. Christ is Grace, as the power of God – and He lives inside of you.

Grace as Divine power is, by definition, that which you cannot do on your own. It’s outside of your reach. So how do you obtain it? You probably guessed… By faith.

Grace is Freedom. Freedom is within. You have Grace. You have Freedom. Christ within is both. It’s less something to get, and more a present reality to grasp. Reckon. Believe. Trust. Grace within can be a transforming reality when submitted to. The power of God inside of you is an untold glory to behold! Faith is the portal that gets you there.

By Grace through faith you walk through Christ, The Gate and are saved. By Grace through faith you walk with Christ, The Path and are sanctified. By Grace through faith you realize Freedom and significance – the co-rule and co-reign with Jesus, in His present and coming Kingdom.

Grace allows you to see things the way they were, are and will be from God’s way of seeing; so that you can be who God called you to be; to do what God has called you to do; to bring the glory to God that you were created to bring to Him in His Eternal Purpose.

Grace is the favor that empowers us to be what we cannot be on our own. He is increased, and we are decreased. Grace grows and, so too, does Freedom. As there is no shortage of Christ – He is unsearchable in His riches, we cannot get to the bottom of Him – so too, is Grace and so too, is Freedom. As we grow in Christ, as He is increased, we grow in Grace, and we grow in Freedom. There is an everlasting Source and Supply. By faith we access it. By faith we steward it. By faith we receive more and more.

Christ is our Freedom. He supplies our Freedom. He sustains our Freedom. He grows our Freedom. All of this is done in a relationship of trust, which is faith, by Grace.

So, Grace is mercy you’ve been given; and Grace is power you’ve received. But more, Grace is a Person, and He lives within.

Have you met Him? Have you met Grace?