Mark’s account of the last day of Jesus of Nazareth’s earthly life stresses the irony of the Lord’s civil trial, crucifixion, and burial.

  • Unwittingly, His enemies fulfill prophecy to the letter and even speak the correct interpretation of the events.
  • Pilate, representing Roman might, cannot prevent His crucifixion. Mocking soldiers hail Him as King of the Jews.
  • People who have never read Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22 and wouldn’t have believed it if they did, make decisions and speak words that ensure that the prophet and the poet’s ancient words are literally fulfilled.

Not one small detail or one word was outside the sovereign power of our God.

I picture Mark collaborating with Peter twenty years after the events and rejoicing over the astonishing fact that a Roman centurion declared, “Truly this Man was the Son of God!” Now that they have some perspective, they realize that the day they thought God had lost control and everything was falling apart was the day God was doing exactly what He always said He would do.

I wonder if they had as much trouble applying that wonderful truth to their daily lives as I do. Mark’s unique perspective on Jesus’ last day tells me this about my life: My God is always doing exactly what He wants to do and needs to do to love me well and display His glory through me, no matter how difficult or painful my life may be right now.

Then, why can’t I trust Him with my schedule? Why do I work 70 hours a week and never take a day off? This was my haunting question as I prepared to preach this passage and confess my sin of unbelief before Church of the Open Door. I happily trust Him with my finances, entrust my children and grandchildren to Him, even my health. But I seem unable to trust Him with this ministry.

My personal mythology to rationalize my sin is that I’m just overloaded, next week will be better, and people need me right now. But the truth is that I’m believing lies about my God. I’m saying that He needs me to work myself to death, that He can’t get it done without me.

If Jesus could get it done on Good Friday without me, then why does He need me to get it done any other day?⇦Tweet that!

I don’t know where your trust battle rages today, but I do pray that the ways the Lord has used this passage in my own life will encourage you to trust Him more today.

If you want to follow Jesus, you must view your circumstances as His will for you, and confidently hope in His redemptive purposes to be revealed!

Question: What’s going on in our heart when we think God can’t get things done without our help?