Experience Israel…

For generations of believers, no place has been more cherished than the land of Israel. God chose that relatively small portion of our planet as center stage for His redemptive story.

Like most of you, I’ve pored over maps, marveled at pictures and landscapes from the Holy Land, and wondered what it would be like to actually experience it in person.

That’s going to change for Judy and me this year. We’re going to experience Israel on a unique Holy Land and Bible Study Tour March 6-19, 2017!

Every time a friend of mine returns from Israel they tell me in heartfelt sentences that they will never be the same.

But the ones who have been most excited about the personal changes and the insights into God’s Word and biblical history have been those who were on the bus with Dr. Ron Allen.

 …With Dr. Ron Allen

Ron is Senior Professor of Bible and Exposition at Dallas Theological Seminary. Over a course of more than thirty years, Dr. Allen has led numerous study trips to the land of Israel. He’s been leading friends from Cannon Beach Conference Center on numerous trips and they tell me that there’s no comparison between Ron’s trips and some of the larger, more corporate trips.

To begin with, Ron will only takes one busload of people, so you’re not forever getting on and off the buses and moving with the rest of the huge tour group.

And then, there’s Ron himself. Erase all of your mental pictures of a boring Bible scholar. He’s a top drawer scholar but also an effective teacher and just a regular guy to hang out with. He and his wife, Beverly have become great and trusted friends over the years.

Finally, this tour is a fourteen day tour! That means 12 days in the Holy Land, including three full days in Jerusalem.

And You’re Invited!

We’ve specially designed this experience to be so much more than a journey through history in an intriguing part of our world. Our tour is customized to offer you the best Holy Land guide in Dr. Ron combined with the deepest experience of spiritual enrichment. Judy and I are taking many from our faith community, Church of the Open Door, but there are still a few places left.

If you’ve ever longed to visit Israel, I urge you to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity. Email me and I’ll send you a digital copy of our brochure, but even before that, could you seriously pray about joining us? Give yourself permission to dream some. Imagine with me the feeling of walking where Jesus walked, of sitting on the shores of Galilee. Oh man!

Oh, and we’re going a have a lot of fun together.

I urge you to begin a conversation with me so that I can answer your questions and help you make this, what I believe to be a life-changing decision. Due to the uniqueness of this tour, the space is limited…and I don’t want you to miss out.

 You can contact me here, or talk with our tour administrator Judy Cocoris here

Praying for you in this decision.