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Unsafe Drinking Water

“My righteousness was a filthy puddle.” –Martin Luther looking back at his religious life before he trusted in Christ alone.

Beware of Polluted Waters!

I was backpacking with a friend in the High Sierras when we came across a pristine mountain stream. As he bent down and cupped his hands I screamed, “Don’t drink the water!”

He looked at me in amazement. “Why? We’re at 10,000 feet? This water is as pure as it gets.”

“You can’t tell by looking,” I warned. “There’s a microscopic parasite, giardiasis, that is always a possibility in untreated water. You don’t want giardia. It’s miserable and it’ll make you wish you had never tasted this water.”

I explained further, “The only way to be absolutely sure is to drink water from the purest source of a mountain spring that comes to your lips absolutely unpolluted by any creature.”

Beware of Polluted Living Water!

This is exactly where we pick up our study of the Book of Galatians, the Magna Charta of Christian liberty. Paul defends his gospel by proving that the source of his “by grace, through faith, plus nothing” gospel is the Lord Jesus Himself.

Beware of offerings of Living Water that have been polluted by religion!⇦Tweet that!

As you listen to the podcast and read through the free online commentary on Galatians 1:11-12, you’ll see the contrast between the original gospel Paul received from the Lord Jesus and the popular works-righteousness gospel taught by moralists and religionists. You’ll be amazed by Paul’s account of the moment he first heard this gospel from Jesus. Here’s what Jesus told the apostle in one sentence:

Jesus told Paul to offer deliverance from darkness, Satan, and guilt by faith in Him!⇦Tweet that!

I’ll also introduce you to a short history lesson on where some of the popular polluted-by-religion versions of Living Water originated. (By the way, look for upcoming posts on this fascinating but discouraging history this week!)

Looking forward to continuing this conversation about the unpolluted Living Water.

Question: Can you remember hearing a false, works-oriented, shame-based gospel? How did that affect your walk with Jesus?


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