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We’re Hard On Sin!

After speaking at a conference, a couple confided in me that they had been overwhelmed by a sin in their marriage. As I always do, I took them to the Word of God to show them what the Bible says about their sin and try to give them some guidance from the Scriptures.

They nodded in agreement that this seemed what they needed to hear.

But then, when I said to them, “You can’t do this on your own. Tomorrow I’m flying to SoCal and you’re going home. You’re going to need help and support if you want to have victory and healing over this sin. You need to disclose this problem to someone in your church—a pastor, a good friend, your small group. You’re going to need the resources of grace that come from community.”

Their blank stare proved that they didn’t have a clue or a category for this type of church, a church of grace where Christians trust one another with who they really are.

And then her comment: “Our church is hard on sin.”

Like too many sincere but overwhelmed believers, this dear couple was going home to a dangerous neighborhood called The Hard-On-Sinners Church. As I talked about grace and forgiveness, healing relationships, trusting one another, and the Spirit’s work in community they both teared up. For them it was like looking across the street to the “healing community of grace and mercy” and knowing that they’ll never live there.

God Has A Better Plan

Galatians 6:1-5 offers a better plan: Spirit-controlled believers will lock arms in the battles against sin that rip our lives, marriages, families, and communities apart.

In this podcast I show how this paragraph breaks down:

Command: Live by the Spirit by restoring sinning saints in your community of faith (1a).

Clarifying Instructions: Do this gently, carefully, and humbly (1b-4).

Warning: Carry your own load! (5)

I hope you’ll listen to my teaching on the podcast and refer to the free online commentary of Galatians. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the page for my detailed notes on Galatians 6:1-5.

Instead of building reputations as churches that are hard on sin, we should be building reputations as churches that are high on the grace of God that genuinely restores. Grace isn’t soft on sin, but it’s the only safe place to experience God’s hard work in our lives.⇦Tweet that! 

The love of God became visible in the person of Christ and His Spirit is always moving His people toward making the love of God visible in His body—the church. If the love of God becomes visible in Jesus’ church because we’re liberated to love one another well, wonderfully miraculous healing occurs.

Question: How can I help you see that trying to control the flesh by being hard on sin is the exact wrong strategy?