Grace for the Suffering Church

Since I wrote an entire book about suffering, When God Breaks Your Heart, a lot of my readers have followup questions and ask for more information and help.

A few years ago I taught through the Book of 1 Peter at Church of the Open Door. We discovered together that Peter’s letter to the suffering church spoke to our lives today. It’s all about standing fast in grace in the midst of suffering.

You can read the FULL Commentary here. I hope you’ll discover that the sound scholarship and practical applications will help you as you face the troubles of life.

The introduction gives you an idea of what you’ll find there:

Suffering? Stand Fast in Grace!

It’s 64 AD. Paul’s death under the cruel persecution of the wicked Emperor Nero staggers Christianity. The infant church questions God’s goodness and power, especially on the frontiers of faith—the fledgling assemblies scattered throughout the five provinces of Asia Minor. Today that area is northern Turkey.

The news of Paul’s death and the raw threat of persecution and suffering forces the young church and its even younger shepherds and flocks to ask the questions every follower of Christ will ask:

If God is good, then how could He allow this to happen to us? I thought He loved us!

If Christ is building His church, then why is this so hard? I thought we were the world’s only hope!

Someone needed to step in with the answers to those faith-shattering questions.

Someone needed to bring God’s message to these stumbling fellowships.

Someone needed to teach these immature shepherds and their flocks how to access grace in the midst of suffering.

Someone did. The Apostle Peter writes from his own experience. Our study of Mark traced Peter’s personal struggle with the Lord’s hard message: Those who follow the Suffering Servant must be prepared to suffer and serve in His name.

The lessons Peter learned along the way are the lessons he teaches in this letter to the church. Lessons that take followers of Christ beyond the anticipation of suffering to the expectation of power and grace in the midst of suffering. Lessons to carry you through your darkest days. Lessons to show you how the light of God’s grace in Christ Jesus will penetrate your darkest days and fill you with a joy only those who continue to follow will ever know:

Grace is never more powerful than when life hurts the most! ⇦Tweet that!

First Peter is a field manual for warriors serving their King in a hostile land.

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