Week 6: Resist Christ’s Adversaries

(1 John 2:18-27)

Our fifth week of daily devotions in the Book of First John center on the John’s discourse on resisting the world. You’re going to need your Bible and I’ve provided the Study Notes on this website that you can either bookmark, or print. Be sure to scroll down to the notes outlining and commenting on the 1 John 2:12-17. Or you may want to download the word document: 1jn2.18-27nn. I hope this helps those of you who are committed to journaling this year.

Friday: 1 John 2:18-27, Prepare for battle!!

You should know by now that every Christian is in a battle with the forces of evil in
this world. Satan hates you and he has antichrists everywhere denying Christ and His promise of eternal life.

I was a soldier once. Every soldier knows that if he is not prepared for the battle he will not survive. That is why we went to boot camp and advanced training.

I want to make this short but powerful.

How prepared are you for the battle you are in? Do you study the Word of God? Do you apply it to your life? Do those around you see you as a person the Holy Spirit is changing because of your growing understanding of the truth?

If not, the antichrists will confuse and neutralize you.

Sit quietly before God for a few minutes. Then ask Him, “Am I abiding in your truth? What can I do to abide more deeply in your truth? What is the Holy Spirit trying to teach me or change in me that I am not hearing or admitting?”

I promise you He will answer your prayers and prepare you for the battle.

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