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“You can trust grace. Christ set us free to love and serve others!”⇦Tweet that!

Christian Freedom Is Not a Slippery Slope

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I’m a preacher of the unfettered grace of God. The most common objection to exalting our liberty in Christ has been that believers have been taught that Christian freedom is dangerous. “If you tell believers they’re free in Christ they’re going to just sin without boundaries. Christian freedom is a slippery slope that leads to all kinds of evil.”

The New Testament maintains the exact opposite.

It’s the Freedom to Love and Serve

Thats the message of the entire New Testament. The most compact presentation of the necessity and potential of grace is the Book of Galatians.

In the first section of the epistle proper, 1:11-2:21, Paul defended his apostleship. In 3:1-4:31 the Apostle clarifies the implications of justification and sanctification by faith and why it’s true. The final section of Galatians demonstrates how this grace works in life. Grace works through liberty.⇦Tweet that!

Christ set us free to demonstrate His righteousness in ways that transcend any enslaving set of rules or moral codes (5:1-12). This liberty isn’t so that we can indulge the self-centered desires of our flesh as we did before we trusted in Christ. Using our freedom in that way will cause us to lose the joy of pursuing the works Jesus set aside for us to do (5:13-21). We’ve been set free to walk in the Spirit (5:16-18) so that we can display Christ’s righteousness through the fruit of the Spirit (5:22-25). But even this transformation isn’t about us; it’s about Christ and others. What we’ve really been set free to do is to love and serve others (6:1-10).

You Can Trust Freedom

The big picture of Paul’s glorious presentation of Christian liberty contrasts two systems of righteousness: works-righteousness, which always enslaves, and grace-righteousness, which always liberates. It also forces us to see that healthy liberty is always about Christ and others.

I hope you’ll listen to my teaching on the podcast and refer to the free online commentary of Galatians. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the page for my detailed notes on Galatians 5 and 6.

Question: Are you ready for a grown-up version of Christian liberty? You are if you view it as a response to God’s grace to give His love away in relationships and community, not demand it.

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