Community is one of the current buzz words in Christianity, and I’m thankful for that.

However, saying we value community and living as if we value community are two different things.

Last week I came across many discussion on social media between some of the dear friends I live in community with. They are people who pursue acts of kindness and love for one another, who will inconvenience themselves to serve others, especially the ones Jesus has called them to love — one another.

They’re not looking for community, but they are becoming one.

Finding community has more to do with what you’re investing than it has to do with what you’re getting. Someone has to begin the process of  loving others sacrificially in the name of Jesus.

Here’s the equation that occurred to me as I followed the conversation thread of these dear believers I love who are being used by the Spirit to build redemptive and transformational community:

Many acts of kindness and selfless, sacrificial love, small and large over time, in spite of the risks and the hurts = community.

Questions: What do you think of this definition? And, how can you personally prime the pump, as it were, in the community God’s asking you to be a part of?