I’ve been discipling men for over forty years. Like most of the daily or weekly routines of life, I sometimes forget why it was I decided to dedicate so much of my life to discipliemaking. A few months ago I sat across the table in my office from a new believer who suddenly “got” the importance of the Word of God in his life. I left there to sit around a living room with some of the most influential men in our community who wanted to know more about how a church could disciple men.

On the drive home late that night I thanked the Lord for the men who had poured into me as a young Christian. They were resolute that I would make the most of the time they spent with me by pouring into others. Here are four reasons why I will never stop making disciples until the Lord Jesus calls me home:⇦Tweet that!

  1. Jesus commanded it. It’s our only commission, the Great Commission.
  2. Jesus did it. He gathered a small group of men to be with Him and they changed the world.
  3. It’s never a waste of time. Every minute I spend giving my life away to willing disciples of Christ makes my life count eternally.
  4. It’s the most rewarding aspect of my ministry. The greatest thrill is to watch someone I’ve been privileged to mentor making a difference in his world.⇦Tweet that!

These are my four top reasons. I could go on and on. The stories of my life and ministry are the stories of discipleship–men who loved me enough to mentor me, and the men the Lord has privileged me to build into.

In my book, Reborn to Be Wild, I talk about the importance of making disciples. Discipleship has marked my life in awesome ways, the ways Jesus had in mind when He commanded His church to make disciples of all nations.

Question: How has discipleship marked your life?