DisciplemakingU is a weekly podcast dedicated to equipping Christians to make disciples to Jesus Christ. My goal is to help you introduce non-Christians to Jesus and mentor Christians with more passion, make disciples with greater focus, and serve Christ with extraordinary confidence.

DisciplemakingU has a lot in common with my Discipleship Minute blogs.

I’ve titled the initial series, Disciplemaking 101, because it covers the basic lessons I’ve learned in over four decades of discipling. Forty years of trying something that didn’t work, finding a solution, and having some success. It’s been the greatest adventure of my life, being privileged by the Lord Jesus to make disciples to Him.

In the first episode titled, “Disciplemaking, Before You Begin.” I want to tell you now what I wish I would have known then–before I began my journey as a disciplemaker with a high school student so long ago when I was a Young Life leader.

I post the podcast on Wednesday morning of each week. If you subscribe, you will automatically get every episode for free.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey. It begins Wednesday, February 26th.