If all you pay attention to is the most-read authors, if all you listen to are the most-listened to Christian celebrities, if all you absorb is the most popular subjects in religio-evangojive culture–you’r missing out.

Our personality driven, hot-topic preoccupation (just try to avoid the recent rants over dear Eugene Peterson’s one remark!) has thrust us into reading and talking about what everyone else is reading and talking about. Sought-after isn’t the same as wise. Marketable isn’t the same as spiritually insightful.⇦Tweet that!

To make something trendy, the mastermind avoids the grays of Christianity and blasts the black and white persuasions of the pre-determined biases of her or his target audience.

The caustic debater you love the most, the attacker/defender you “like” and repost on your favorite social media site–almost none of them are high on Jesus’ list of His followers who most embrace His one Great Commandment to the church. Remember that one, ‘love one another’?

Love brings pause to conflict; love cools temper. And love changes the way you see sisters and brothers who disagree, write a paragraph that challenges your convictions, or utter a sentence in an interview that pushes your theological hot-button.

Eugene Peterson’s words have soothed my soul for years. I’m going to trust those words still, and love a dear brother in the middle of the media storm.

Caustic doesn’t mean ‘profound’. It merely means caustic.⇦Tweet that!