A god in Our Image

People who have a hard time with the concept of grace view God as a calculating God.

Rejecting the laminated promises of the Bible that eternal life is a gift given freely to all who believe, they insist that it can’t be that “easy.” In their thinking, there must be some “accounting” for sin that keeps certain types of “sinners” out of heaven.

I find it telling that when they calculate which sins God should tolerate because He is loving and which sins He should condemn because He’s just, the “tolerable sins” are the ones they commit. It’s those other sinners who are getting over on God.

These presentations of a calculating God always make me wonder what they’re doing with the realities of everyday life, the revealing ministry of the Holy Spirit, and the wonder of God’s mercy.

My own experience has been that the longer I walk with Jesus, the more I realize how messed up I was the day He redeemed me, and how much more I need His mercy every day.

I’ve come to the point that I’ve just stopped arguing with them. If they want to live under the tyranny and hypocrisy of their calculating God, that’s their business.

The Radical Math of Grace

But, I warn them to stay out of my business.

I choose to believe in the uncalculating God of the Bible, who relates to me according to the radical “math” of grace. I choose to follow the Son of God pictured in the Gospels and exalted in the epistles. The God of mercy and love who seeks out sinners of all types and degrees and offers them new life in Him and friendship with Him. The God who, as unimaginable as it may seem–knowing what I know about me–delights in me.

Question: Have you trusted the uncalculating God of the Bible, or are you still trying to measure up to the calculating God of the moralists?