What others are saying about When God Breaks Your Heart

When God Breaks Your Heart“Every sufferer looks longingly to Christ and secretly asks, how could you let this happen? My friend, Ed Underwood, asked that question openly from his deathbed. We all knew that Ed’s only hope was Christ’s answer to our plea. Jesus answered, and Ed lives and serves. This is his story–a story I highly recommend, a story that will show you how to take Christ’s hand through your darkest days. . If God has broken your heart or the heart of someone you love, this is the book for you.”

Bruce Wilkinson, author of The Prayer of Jabez

“Pastor Ed’s insights and wisdom are not espoused from a pulpit elevated above my experience. He doesn’t package truth in platitudes. He doesn’t speak about suffering – or about God – in trivial tones. Rather, he shares hard-fought-for wisdom that’s been sifted through suffering, like grain gleaned from a thresher.”

Joni Eareckson Tada, author and founder of Joni and Friends

“What a joy to know that brokenness, when it happens, is not the end game of life. Jesus lived His life to repair the broken and to restore the wounded. If you believe that the psalmist was right when he said, ‘God is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit’ (Psalm 34:18), then this book will lead you to an experience of that promise!”

Joe Stowell, Senior Teaching Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel &
President of Cornerstone University

“This book is life changing. Its down-to-earth approach in dealing
with those ‘why God’ moments is refreshing and relevant to
anyone who has had problems-or should I say, anyone who is breathing. I found myself laughing, crying, relating, and questioning with Ed. By the end of this book you feel as if you and Ed are the best of friends, because of the emotional honesty and vulnerability that he invested into this book.”

Sarah Kelly, Grammy-nominated Gotee recording artist,

“I have known Ed Underwood for over two decades. He has always been a man of integrity and passion. But something happened when God broke Ed’s heart. He emerged stronger, more appreciative and more fully alive. Ed now lives to serve and he is doing that well. His story of near death and chronic illness is raw, honest and real. You will be encouraged that you can face adversity and discover that God is faithful. Ed is an embodiment of Stu Webber’s “Tender Warrior”. I am blessed to be his friend.”

Dave Burchett, author of When Bad Christians Happen to Good People and contributor to Crosswalk.com

“Ed enters into the fellowship of suffering by letting us know he’s got the credentials. This is not a book written by an outsider to pain. It is not a collection of helpful hints from someone who doesn’t understand. That’s what makes me listen to what he has to say. In a skillful way he enters into my own room of pain, makes me feel comfortable that he is “one of us,” and gently leads me in the direction that I so desperately want and need but which my pain and anger have made it repulsive to go.”

Rich Buhler, author, broadcast journalist, host of TruthorFiction.com

“Because Ed is my friend, the story of his broken heart breaks my heart. My eyes are full of tears even as I write these words. But Ed’s painful journey also deeply encourages me that the same Jesus who met Mary and Martha at the tomb of their brother Lazarus, the same Jesus who met Ed in his bloated, brightened, tormented, itching, “greased pig”, T-cell carcinoma despair…that same Jesus will meet me and those I serve in our suffering.

I pastor in a devastated area of Detroit, recently declared ‘the most miserable city’ in the United States. Ed’s story will give hope to many in my neighborhood who believe that Jesus no longer cares and their pain has no purpose. Thank you, Ed, my dear friend, for allowing your broken heart to teach us that Jesus cares about our broken hearts, that He will come when we call and that in the long run, our suffering will display the very glory of God!”

J. Kevin Butcher, Pastor, Hope Community Church of Detroit
A man who calls Ed Underwood friend.