Reborn to Be Wild

Where Have the Spiritual Revolutionaries Gone?

Reborn to Be Wild



What Question Does it Answer?

What ever happened to the Jesus Movement? How did a generation of spiritual revolutionaries bent on changing the world for Jesus Christ become mere evangelicals settling for the shelter of the suburbs? This is a book calling the radical believers who started the revival of the 60’s back to the fire that burned in their hearts then. “We had a front row seat to the raw power of God,” says Ed Underwood. “Somewhere along the way we got Sidetracked.

Who Should Read This Book?

Anyone whose heart longs for the life of a spiritual revolutionary. Anyone who is sick of evango-talk and church-by-the-numbers. Anyone who really wants to live their days as a radical, sold-out follower of Jesus Christ!

What Will I Discover?

In the pages of this book you will feel as if you were there in the 60’s when “everyone was talking about Jesus,” and the Spirit set hearts on fire for Christ. I want you to understand what revival looks like from the inside. We followed Jesus’ simple plan to make disciples and believed His simple promise to build His church. We knew little but believed much, and God used us mightily.

Then, you will wonder with me why the Jesus Movement quit moving. You will marvel at the parallel between our revival of the 60’s and the revival in Asia Minor in the first century. Like the Christians in the churches of Asia Minor, the Boomer generation believers have been Sidetracked by the same tactics Satan used to neutralize that revival.

Learning from our mistakes and our failure to heed the warnings of Christ and His Apostles, you will know that there is a way to see this revival through, to finish well. The truth is that God wants every generation of Christians to risk revival. And what is He asking you to risk?

Everything. That’s right, everything. That’s the cost of revival, the cost of disipleship-everything.

But you will not miss any of it.

I want to help you become the type of devoted disciple the Lord uses in a revival.

Especially if you are a part of my generation-the Jesus Movement. I’m asking God to use this little book to show us how to finish what we started, to live expectantly again, to wake up every morning thinking about Jesus and what we can do for Him, to go to heaven with stories of what He has done in our lives that we will be talking about forever!

I can’t wait! When can I read Reborn to Be Wild?


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