Beginning in Grace (Discipleship Manual)

This is the basic discipleship manual I wrote in 1998 that we’ve been using at Church of the Open Door.

Some of the most memorable discipling moments of my life have been sitting around a table with a few men studying these critical truths of the faith.

I hope it will help you in your walk with Jesus and pray that you’ll use it to make many disciples to Him. Here’s your free copy, feel free to print as many as you need. Like grace, discipleship is free!

Beginning in Grace, What the Bible Teaches about a Relatiohship with God, by Ed Underwood

Here’s an overview:

Beginning in Grace

What the Bible teaches about a relationship with God: six basic truths for every seeker. This six-lesson introduction to Christianity is designed to launch you into a life of eternal significance.

Lesson 1: How to have a relationship with God

This is an in-depth look at how to receive God’s life. What is eternal life? How can I know I have eternal life? What does it mean to have a relationship with God?

Lesson 2: The purpose of your relationship with God

Once you enter a relationship with God, what does He want you to do? This study looks at some of the exciting options available to the child of God. God had something in mind when He gave you eternal life. What is it?

Lesson 3: Deepening your relationship with God

What does it mean to be intimate with Jesus Christ? How can I have a deep and meaningful relationship with the Son of God? You will find out that Jesus wants to be your best Friend!

Lesson 4: Relating to others in Christ

As you grow in your relationship with Christ, other relationships become more rich and rewarding. This is a survey of what the Bible says about our relationships with family, friends, coworkers, schoolmates, and those we meet in everyday life.

Lesson 5: Telling others how to have a relationship with Christ

You can’t keep the Good News of the Gospel to yourself. Learn how to tell others about the free gift of salvation with confidence.

Lesson 6: Relating to your new family in Christ

The most significant expression of new life in Christ is through the local church. This explains how to get involved by serving Christ in meaningful and exciting ways in the local church.

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