Announcing Our New Series!

Grace, Grace, and More Grace
The big picture of all 66 Books of God’s Word

Listen to the podcast introducing the series here: Overview–Structure, Style, and History of the Bible.

Do you know the geography, structure, and primary message of your Bible? How the 39 Books of the Old Testament fit together and relate to the 27 Books of the New Testament? Where the prophets fit into the history of Israel? The major theme of each Book of the Bible? How the Book of Acts can help you understand the epistles? Why there are four Gospels? What the Old Testament has to say about Jesus? What the New Testament has to say about the Old Testament?

A lot of Christians know a lot of details about the Bible but are unfamiliar with the main idea, the Big Picture of each individual book.

Oh, and too many sincere Christians mistrust grace because they have been told that there are a lot of Books of the Bible that unravel or at least put a hard edge on the love, mercy, and grace of God.

What you’ll discover in our relevant, straight from the text journey through God’s Word is that from beginning to end it’s all about our Father’s love for us expressed in His plan to send one descendant, from one tribe, from one nation to rescue Creation and humanity from the impact of sin. The Old Testament looked forward to this Messiah, and the New Testament presents Messiah, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God.

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