All the Bible, Every Book

Dr. J Vernon McGee’s Thru the Bible teaching series was born at Church of the Open Door. The genius of Dr. McGee’s Thursday evening series when he pastored our great church is its simplicity. Just teach people the Bible. All of it.

The Lord has convinced me that this is what he wants us to do as a congregation over the next two years.

I’m going to teach the Bible, all of it, book by book. Think of it as your “book-a-week club,” but the Books we’ll be reading are the 66 Books of God’s Word.

Sadly, most people, even Christians, have never read through the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation. They may know some of the stories or even some of the Books very well, but they have no idea how it all fits together.

We’ll be studying the geography, structure, and message of each book, beginning with Genesis. The theme: bible.cod, Trusting His life-changing truth comes with this promise: “Give us two years and we’ll give you the whole  Bible.” To follow along with this series, I’m going to be posting daily devotions to help you not only understand what you’re reading but also apply it to your life.

I hope you’ll join us. The series begins right after our Missions Conference. I’ll introduce the structure of the entire Bible on February 26th.

Question: Have you read through the entire Bible? 


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